Read Terms Carefully

We are liquidating our complete domain name portfolio. Prices will be reduced on the 1st of each month and will continue being reduced the 1st of each month until all domain names are sold. Prices listed each month are fixed nonnegotiable prices. We will not respond to anyone (including brokers) asking for less!

Our other terms are below:

All domain transactions are done using the services of for the BUYER'S benefit. guarantees that the BUYER will receive the domain name before it will release the payment to the SELLER. BUYER is responsible for escrow fees. Please see for more information on their services.

Transfer of domain name will be done within the system. Once confirms BUYER'S payment the transfer will be done within 24 hours. BUYER can move the domain name away from to another domain name registrar LATER after our transaction has been completed. There is usually a 60 day holding period before a domain name can be transferred away from a registrar to another registrar. In the meantime BUYER can still change the domain name's DNS settings to begin a website and email accounts immediately. Note that all domain name transfers will be done within the registrar system via PUSH transfer only.

If you choose to proceed then notify us and we will set up the transaction through BUYER will provide us with the email address that the BUYER wants to be associated with the domain name transfer. This one email address will be used with both and BUYER will NOT be able to change or add additional email addresses to this transaction. Note that does NOT allow the input of Godaddy account numbers so no account numbers will be accepted with a domain name transfer. The one email address given by the BUYER will be the sole identifier for a domain name transfer.

All terms are nonnegotiable.

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